Areas to Support:
Promoting Special Education


The Little Keswick Foundation for Special Education has a major goal in its mission to increase public awareness and understanding of what “special education” contains in its broad ramifications.


The number of children with needs for special education services continues to increase at a growing rate.

Frequently parents may not recognize, understand or accept their child’s needs for special education.

Restricted local and governmental financial resources impacts the accountability of support for children with special needs

The public, including the parents, are unaware of the special education programs available.

LKFSE Programs

Currently through its annual fall educational symposium, the Foundation creates an opportunity to learn about the emotional and behavioral patterns encountered in special-needs children. A nationally renowned expert presents an overview of these children with information, strategies and avenues of support to help overcome the difficulties these children face. This symposium is open at no charge to the general public and is well received by all attending.

Future endeavors by the Foundation include:

  • programs to increase understanding and advocacy of special education;
  • a conference to bring attention to special education through a program of speakers of national recognition in a workshop format;
  • sponsorship of lectures for the teachers in public and private schools;
  • information on the website concerning special education programs, schools, and other resources;
  • creation of partnerships with local businesses, professional groups, industrial firms and foundations.

Funding Opportunities

Financial support for programs current and planned is needed and naming opportunities exist for all programs. Partnerships for specific programs especially the symposia and conferences are critical for successful outcomes.