Areas to Support: Faculty Development

The Little Keswick Foundation for Special Education recognizes that working with special-needs children is a difficult and often stressful job. The demands can take an individual toll on both teacher and student. The Foundation has committed to supporting the teachers at Little Keswick School to enhance their knowledge of new techniques that will aid them in both programming delivery and improving their communication skills. Teachers must have access to new techniques for dealing with each child’s individualized needs as well as information to provide new programming options leading to the student’s success and feeling of accomplishment.

Creating opportunities for professional growth of Little Keswick School staff is a priority of the Foundation. The Foundation works diligently to raise funds so that staff may continue to grow and develop professionally. Personal growth through professional training ultimately benefits the students themselves—and improving the quality of the student experience and increasing the quality of each student’s outcome is a major focus of the Foundation.

The only real antidote to a history of struggles and failures is the experience of sustained self success.