LKFSE in Action: Little Keswick School

The Little Keswick School is a Therapeutic Boarding School. It provides a structured environment to give children with emotional and self-regulation issues, language-based and non-verbal learning disabilities, ADHD or Asperger’s and similar developmental disorders, opportunities to learn, grow and thrive. The School’s philosophy of education encompasses both academic and social/emotional growth and recognizes that every child has his own individual capabilities. The child’s environment is structured to achieve his potential growth through the development of a positive self-concept. Emphasis is placed on self-respect and respect for others. The goal is to build a future—one in which he will make a positive contribution to family, school and community.

The Little Keswick Foundation for Special Education wholeheartedly supports the students served by Little Keswick School. The Foundation funds annual scholarships to families in need of financial support. In addition, the Foundation has established a Scholarship Endowment Fund to meet the future needs of families for scholarship assistance. The Foundation works to increase public awareness of the growing need for special education services and provides opportunities for the public to learn more about special education and special-needs children. The Foundation also awards grants to special education teachers and support staff for continuing education opportunities to enhance their skill set.