Impact of Your Support:
A Parent's Perspective

In the fall of 2005, the Little Keswick Foundation for Special Education awarded a $20,000 scholarship to Gene and his family. Gene’s mother recalls, “While all children are special, there are some who are more special than others. Our son Gene is one of those extra special children. From birth, Gene has been a bright, precocious child, but also slightly out of synch with the rest of the world. As Gene grew older his difficulties in school and in relationships seemed to deteriorate rather than improve. Since arriving at Little Keswick, the change in our son has been huge.”

From his first day Gene has responded positively to the program. It has provided Gene with the structure he so desperately needed along with the support of faculty and staff to help him develop the social, emotional, and academic skills he will need as an adult. Gene's time at Keswick has not always been easy as he has struggled at times to develop a greater awareness of himself and of his relationships with others, but after nearly 2 years he has made tremendous strides. “Gene has grown and matured, and instead of the troubled, withdrawn, isolated child we left at Keswick in January of 2004, he is now a young man who looks to the future with hope and excitement.”