Impact of Your Support:
A Community's Perspective

I became involved with the Little Keswick Foundation for Special Education in 2006 through the Foundation’s annual golf tournament. Prior to the tournament, I thought that the event would be a fun way to spend the afternoon on a gorgeous golf course. Following the tournament, my view of the Foundation and the special-needs boys and families that it supports, completely changed. In a single day, I learned that the Foundation is made up of key individuals in the community who care deeply not only for the boys of Little Keswick, but also for all who live, care or work with special-needs children. I witnessed players who came from all walks of life but had one thing in common. They believe that the children who are most vulnerable in our society need us to advocate for them.

Following the tournament, I attended the Foundation’s annual education symposium and witnessed another side of the Foundation—its mission to increase awareness of the growing need for special education services, as well as providing information to the public on strategies to understand and achieve measurable goals with special-needs children. Since my initial involvement, I have a whole new understanding of the importance of the Foundation’s work and have signed on as a financial supporter. I will continue to remain involved as a volunteer as well and invite you to learn more about a wonderful organization.

Your support can make a difference in the life of a special-needs child