Impact of Your Support:
A Student's Perspective

By Justin

“My name is Justin and I am thirteen years old. I have Tourette’s syndrome, ADHD and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). These problems cause me to have tics such as sniffing, trying not to get my shoes dirty, and having my belongings in the exact place where I put them. I have lived with these problems since I was eight years old. All through my life I have been made fun of because of them. People stare at me in ways that make me feel like I am very stupid, but I am learning to ignore them because they have not lived with Tourette Syndrome, OCD or ADHD. Having these problems has helped me learn more about myself and other kids with problems that they can’t help. I think having these problems is not too bad. Having lived with them for the past five years I have learned it can be hard being a little different from other kids my age, but I should still be treated like a regular human being.”