LKFSE Accomplishments:
Increasing Public Awareness

The Foundation proclaims that increasing public awareness of the six million learning disabled and/or emotionally disturbed children in this country as well as their growing need for Special Education services is vital—if we, as a community are to address the pressing issues facing this vulnerable population. Today, one in twelve children is learning disabled and/or emotionally disturbed.

Over the years, the Foundation has worked to increase communication through the creation and hosting of twelve educational symposia, featuring nationally recognized speakers addressing key special education topics relevant to audiences of parents, educators, mental health professionals, physicians, college students, and the general public. The program is offered free and open to the public allowing anyone with and interest to attend. The Foundation invites other non-profit organizations to bring additional resources for attendees. The event draws individuals from all parts of Virginia as well as those who continue, year after year, to travel from North Carolina, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

One attendee writes, “ I applaud the Foundation for continuing to offer this valuable source of information that helps those of us who live or work with learning disabled and emotionally disturbed children. It is an annual event that I always look forward to attending. Thank you Little Keswick Foundation for Special Education.”